Gentle Hugs for Grieving Hearts: A Grief Recovery Study Guide By Julie Allyson-Ieron

The Bible study companion to her Care & Share devotional booklet, Gentle Hugs for Grieving Hearts, oers readers the opportunity to open their weeping hearts to the unchanging God of the Bible, Who has come alongside His grieving children down through historyas far back as Adam and Eve in their two-pronged loss of both Cain and Abel. Gods Word for Grieving Hearts, A Grief Recovery Study Guide takes readers on a journey through the Scriptures, focusing the spotlight of study and contemplation on Bible individuals who grieved and received Gods comfort. Grieving hearts, according to Julie, dont need another guilt trip, or another buck-up and deal-with-it teaching. Instead, they need to feel, to experience, and to uncover the truth of Gods faithfulness for themselves. Thats why a Bible study to do alone or with a small grief-recovery group is a needed tool.
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  • Title: Gentle Hugs for Grieving Hearts: A Grief Recovery Study Guide
  • Authors: Julie Allyson-Ieron
  • Publisher: Warner Press
  • Release Date: 07/01/2015
  • Genre: Bibles
  • Tags: julie-allyson-ieron | gentle-hugs-for-grieving-hearts | bible-study-guide | small-group-studies |

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